1. 1st successful liver transplant in central India
  2. 1st Cadaveric Kidney transplant in Bhopal
  3. 2nd Oldest Cadaveric Kidney Donor in India
  4. NABH Accreditation in a short span of less than 2 Years
  5. 1st Centre to do Intercity Organ Transfer in State
  6. 1st Paediatric Liver Transplant of Central India
  7. Maa Prabhadevi Samman 2016 by Janparishad
  8. 1st BRTO (Balloon-occluded Retrograde Transvenous Obliteration) of M.P. State
  9. Hospital with least number of beds to perform liver transplant in the country
  10. NABH Entry Level certification within 9 months
  11. Six Sigma healthcare Excellence Awards for "BEST HOSPITAL OF THE YEAR( < 50 BEDS) 2015
  12. Six Sigma healthcare Excellence Awards for "INNOVATIVE STARTUP OF THE YEAR" 2015
  13. Environment and Agriculture in the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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